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"1025" technology innovation ability construction point clear
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March 5 1025 "plan for 2007-13" over the next five years, according to our research and test development expenditure proportion of gross domestic product is expected to increase to 2.2% from 1.8%, with an average annual growth, and was made clear "0.4 per cent in China during 1025" technology innovation ability construction of the key.

The key is: continue to implement core electronics components, high-end general chip and based software, great scale integrated circuit manufacturing technology and complete process, a new generation of broadband wireless mobile communication, high-grade nc machine tools and basic manufacturing technology, large gas fields and CBM development, large advanced PWR and high-temperature gas-cooled reactor with nuclear, water pollution control over, genetically modified organisms breeding, major drug drafted, AIDS and viral hepatitis or other major infectious disease prevention, large aircraft, high resolution earth observation system, manned lunar engineering with major r&d projects;

In the key technology plan, implement key basic research and development program (973 project), high technology research and development program (863 program), scientific support plan and national natural science fund, the implementation of protein, quantum control, nanotechnology, development and reproduction research and other major scientific research plan; Construction free electrons laser, spallation seed source and so on major national science and technology infrastructure;

In the knowledge innovation engineering, physics, mathematics and construction of condensate complex systems, earth and environment, space and Marine and other scientific center, construction clean energy, green intelligent manufacture, small satellites and space perception, continent and ocean deep exploration technology r&d base;

In the technological innovation engineering, construction of new energy vehicles, carbon fiber composite materials, digital home network and other countries engineering center and engineering laboratory, the strengthened enterprise technology center, innovative enterprise and industrial technology innovation strategy alliance, foster top 100 enterprises of independent innovation.

According to the 5th released by the ministry of finance on the implementation of the central and local budgets with 2011 draft of the central and local budgets, the report 2010 national public fiscal expenditure on science and technology project for 3226.86 billion yuan, ZhiHangShu YuSuanShu 2011 for 3689.79 billion yuan, the year YuSuanShu for ZhiHangShu 114.3%.

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