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Chengdu high-tech zone "preemption" biomedicine industry initiative
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April 19, held "2011 in chengdu international summit BBS life science and technology industry in chengdu high-tech zone" that has put forward in "1025" period, promote biomedicine industry "to file the important upgrade" development strategy. Therefore, in the park area of 22,000 square meters, support incubation institutions "carried public technology platform strengthe" will be put into use before the end of the year, recently also will add 100 million square meters biomedicine industry carrier, for the construction of high-end incubation innovation park, accelerator and industrial park.

Related principals of chengdu high-tech zone high-tech said, according to the latest industry positioning, biological medicine industry will be the future chengdu high-tech zone for the new economic and technology development race is one of the important industry heights. For industry development "straight to high-end", has put forward: aims at chengdu high-tech zone, focusing on creating Midwestern industrial high-end the most competitive biomedical research innovation center, industrial incubation bases and high-end biological industry innovation park; Through the integration of production, focusing on creating biological pharmaceutical enterprise headquarters, r&d center and leading enterprises manufacturing bases; Based on the existing advantages and focus on consolidating in modern Chinese medicine, vaccines and protein kind biological pharmacy and medical devices and other areas of high leading position in the country.

In industry, and recently, carrier construction of chengdu high-tech zone will be in existing tianhe incubator, tianfu life science park, based in von house bay biomedicine industry core, new biomedicine industry carrier of 1 million square meters, for the construction of the biological medicine incubation high-end accelerator and industrial park, innovation park in chengdu, give full play to its biological medicine industry development impetus function of the radiation.

Meanwhile, in view of the biological medicine industry development cycle is long, investment funds, the development of high risk in chengdu high-tech zone features, such as the technology park, with a total area of life of 22,000 square meters of public technology platform are stepping up their construction and will be put into operation at the end of the year, to practically solve the biological medicine enterprise in r&d early "funds difficult" problem.

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