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Beijing first thing networking technologies applied in will be civil third table measurement service
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Gas, electricity and water table more "smart"

Report from our correspondent (reporter XuJianHua) "originally so that the gas, dozen don't fire out don't know. Now, gas. Not only did I know how much gas exterior-interior balance, even my house, how much gas burning every day can see clearly." April 27, filed a face-lift gas meter, Beijing huairou area springs river street rich LiuXueJun rave music two area residents. She was able to enjoy so convenient gas measurement service, thanks to Beijing first thing networking technologies applied to civil third table (water meter, meters and gas meter) measurement of the services and security warning.

Application content networking technologies of gas meter, why can "calculation" so "fine"? "This visually see and ordinary gas meter no different new gas meter, the biggest difference lies in that it has a 'wisdom' 'core' and in the table has a mobile phone SIM card to China, each card corresponds to a mobile phone number." Responsible for providing new gas meter of Beijing's double employing trade limited liability company chairman PengMingShuang explained, LiuXueJun just put gas pay-as-you-go password using text messages to the mobile phone number, can realize the function of information inquiry, clearly know their own gas meter balance, dosage and other information. Meantime, gas company also can pass reception table wireless signals always check to a user's situation. So, either the user oneself, or gas company such energy enterprise, can grasp the consumption of energy such as gas, electricity and water, and to realize the energy use of measuring real-time monitoring, accomplish know fairly well and understand consumption.

According to introducing, the gas, electricity and water content networking system consists of data center, content networking gas, electricity and water table, the user terminals and access network four parts, including gas, electricity and water table is through the mobile communication network GSM network access, all data through the data center storage and processing.

Compared with the traditional gas, electricity and water table, using content networking technologies new civil third table appear more "smart" : because new gas, electricity and water table used new technology embedded type, artificial damage caused by measuring no gas, electricity and water table or measuring failure will avoid and effectively eliminate. New civil third table will be more "safe" : because the security alarm device, once the gas, electricity and water appeared safe hidden trouble, things will be promptly send information network system, and realize the user reminding residents remote close the valve functions. New civil third table also more accurate: gas, electricity and water months usage subsidiary, accumulative total quantity of information measurement can be accurate, and in prepaid aspects query change traditional storage energy for storage currency, once energy prices change, a new measurement and pricing will follow changes. New civil third table still more "convenient" : residents are available to users mobile phone, fixed-line, network and so on way pay gas, electricity and water fee, inquires at any time, and also can cost record received energy companies such as water, blackouts, services and information.

PengMingShuang tells a reporter, Beijing's gas, electricity and water content networking systems involve measuring instruments providers, telecom operators, gas, electricity and water enterprise and four winds, the four resident of system also provides measuring instruments used a new business model, makes the traditional measuring instruments from the past "enterprise sells products to now" sell service ".

"The new business model of measuring apart from providing gas, electricity and water table of convenience and safety warning prompt besides, still solved using measuring instruments." expires replacement Beijing huairou area pledges inspect bureau chief, said SunMingChuan due to lack of special capital support, at present a lot of gas, electricity and water table expires, facing the predicament, unable to change on time by new technology and mode now sell products, for sell service, enterprise will regularly free replacement gas, electricity and water table, to ensure the new table measurement more accurate.

As we have learned, current Beijing huairou area, more than 5,000 households in miyun county installing these new gas, electricity and water table. At the end of this year, according to the plan of Beijing will have more than 10 million households will be installed such new gas, electricity and water table.

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