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Laser granulometer refractive index calculation and analysis of problem
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The micro-sphere (MIE) theory is considered the matter with the absorption of light by various electromagnetic effect to calculate scattering intensity theory. Therefore refractive index is an indispensable micro-sphere calculation of parameters. Usually in software design is to calculate the different models to several refractive index are applicable to different particle of matter. Therefore refractive index produced in testing before, not grain size measurement results.

So using particle size analyzer test, first need to determine the refractive index, general sample user doesn't know to measuring refractive index of the products according to accurate parameters (currently there is no an instrument retrieval can accurately measure the refractive index, index of powder in table only material the refractive index of the said, rather than between the refractive index, powder, there was a big difference between), therefore had to optional choose a kind of used to calculate, if not satisfied with change again calculated. So how does the refractive index accurately, are not suspect?

In fact the results of the study show that, particle size measurement accuracy, not only with the refractive index, but also related to the particle shape, particle surface condition, granule concentration are relevant. Then both influence degree, therefore, is not less than the former micro-nano company's instrument not only prepared sixteen different refractive index model, and the comprehensive calibration for grain size provides special software. To be in charge of to the user, and not to the user, micronano company create illusion in test report didn't show the refractive index, and the reason is the refractive index was not accurate says the sample characteristic. Just used in computing a pattern of code only.

Someone says: test report didn't refractive index is not the micro-sphere theory, this statement is not comprehensive. Some instruments USES is franco and fee diffraction theory (such as Germany's new palmer tektronix company), certainly don't need refractive index. Some instruments company although adopted due to the micro-sphere theory but for consideration is not willing to user marked refractive index. Obviously micro-nano company belongs to the latter.

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