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Health experts say the food safety problems in implementing link from
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Health experts say the food safety problems in implementing link from

Added melamine poison milk powder, added lenobuterol hydrochloride of lean to ham, added a variety of amino acid beef cream... Recently, a wave surging after another food safety incident sparked the height of all parties concerned, these originally strange chemical noun because and known as food contact together and become a household name. Food additive has gradually become non-profit-making, illegal, injury, or even drugs pronoun.

April 21, the state council issued the crackdown on food illegal add about behavior strengthen notice food additive supervision (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), says it will add to crackdown on illegal behavior and food illegal food additives to launch a full, have been supervised by the end of this year, health goalkeeper worked out and published food blends with additives general safety standards and food additive logo standards.

Food additives, will have an unprecedented comprehensive encirclement and suppression.

Food additive is scapegoat?

Food additive is really flood disaster, the food safety accidents are caused by culprit?

"No, food additives are being 'demonised'." Academician of Chinese academy of engineering, Beijing industry and commerce university vice-chancellor of the China economic SunBaoGuo magazine said, first of all, should explain for food additive name. "These lead to poison evil additives is not food additives, people put illegal additives with the concept of food additives, food additives became confused food safety problems scapegoat."

April 23, food safety committee office under the state council announced the 151 kind of food and feed illegal additives list that includes 47 possibility in food "illegal add of non-food matter" "easy to abuse and 22 kinds of food additive" and "ban in 82 feed, animal drinking water and livestock and poultry aquaculture process used medicines and substance".

So, what is food additives?

The United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) and the world health organization (WHO) joint food legislation committee on food additives defined as: food additive is consciously small amounts add in food, to improve food appearance, flavours and organization structure or storage properties of the nutrients.

At present, China's food additives have 23 categories, more than 2,000 varieties, including the flavor, fragrance class of most, reach 1,800. Among them, the most common is bleach, leavening agents, thickening colorants, agent, preservative, perfume smell.

"Almost all contain food additives in food." SunBaoGuo think, food additives, no harm to the body not only is to ensure food safety instead of material. "No food additive is no food security.

Food additive can not only improve food "is acceptable.but" and palate, is also advantageous in food processing, can be more adapt production mechanization and automation, the most important is, food additives, food preservation is convenient to prevent spoilage. "For example, previous zero dozen soy sauce placed the time long hair, not very sanitary President, but this one problem after preservatives would not exist."

For people with special needs for food additives or even "savior". "People with diabetes can't eat sugar, need no nutritional sweetener or low thermal can sweetener, these food additive realize food supply." without sugar SunBaoGuo said.

In fact, the use of food additives as principle and drugs, the key is to measure the corresponding relation of dose and effect. SunBaoGuo said the use of food additives must have three conditions: first, necessity. Food processing if can need not food additive cannot add. For example, ministry of public health on 1 March this year an announcement, revocation flour whitening agent. Second, safety. Besides scientific experiments besides, there are at least two developed countries after use of food additives proved safe and reliable, China will give approval (a few exceptions, such as cinnamon, etc.). Third, legitimacy. Only use food enterprise approved by the state food additive is legal behavior.

China food safety standards too loose?

Recently, instant fine because contain "beef creams" composition been questioned, more set off a frenzy of guangzhou industrial and commercial bureau, is made "legitimate" no punishment judgement.

"Beef creams" was "legitimate" because "beef paste", "a sweet", "bleaching face" is by a variety of food additive composite allocate composed of elements, these "unheard" blends with additives were not included in "banned use" regulations range, and legality in regulations about doses are blank.

"Take regulations and standard business has countless how many times." An expert of the ministry of health, told reporters that whenever there is food safety accidents occurs, the dispute of food additives in regulations and will eventually landing the standards. "this is inertia."

But undoubtedly, part of our food industry inspection standard below internationally recognized standards already become the fact that does not dispute. For example, in the infant products shortly before the nestle could exist on the question of heavy metal excessive, according to China's current standards, really "in the statutory extent", but China's highest allowance is America's a hundredfold.

Based on public reports, many years since China's food exports more than 99.8 percent rate in all maintained in domestic food, rate of more than 90%, although gap only nine percentage points, but exposed "inner and external food safety standards, the different" awkward reality of "double standard" gave "first-class products export, second-rate domestic products" view, "whether China food safety standards than foreign standard pine" always all is the consumer confusion of one of food safety.

April 21, ministry of health issued a "food safety standards in China with the international standard of the announcement, the basic consensus of the international countries declared food standard exists difference, but our standards and international standards, in addition, basically the same according to international competition need to encourage enterprises to formulate more stringent than the national standard enterprise standards.

Announcement, China's food safety standards and international food codex standard project and the accuracy of the index, even more than 70% in China is higher than some of the standard of international popular standard. For example in the foreign allow use of lake dopamine, GuoYangHuaBenJiaXian substances, in our country are prohibited from using varieties. Therefore, "notice" special elucidation: "for different countries shall, comparing the standards of a comprehensive, objective, should not only on individual standards or individual indicators for comparison."

The great news is that Chinese food additive standard issued finally has a clear agenda: "before the end of 2011 to formulate and publish health food additive blends with general safety standards and food additive logo standards." By then, "beef paste", "a sweet", "bleaching face" blends with food additive will no longer "could be in accordance with the".

In standard issued before, "for no national standards of food additives, relevant enterprises or trade organizations may, in accordance with relevant provisions on the basis of international organizations or related proposed national standard specifies product standard application."

"The health ministry has announced the first batch of illegal additives and abuse of food additive list, from this starting point, to end, there must be more perfect and rigorous standards issued, then, all food will experience a large inventory many times even." The experts said.

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